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  • Stephen Lehman

Eclipse Preparedness Considerations

Updated: May 27

The upcoming eclipse presents numerous challenges for the city, the county, its residents and, the expected visitors. Most of the visitors will arrive in town needing gas and groceries. Depending on how well businesses have stocked up, restaurants will probably stay full until they run out of food. Traffic in and around Kerrville, Fredericksburg and Bandera may make restocking problematic. Gas stations may run low or out before being resupplied.

The City of Kerrville is gearing up to maximize the visitor experience, and, as a result, tax revenue. They have factored in safety concerns, bringing in extra help for the police, EMS, Fire and Utilities. City utilities will be strained. Water, gas and electricity delivery may suffer. Cell and Internet service may be spotty. There may be brown outs. Garbage and mail may be delayed.

How do we know this? From reports of other cities our size during other eclipses. We learned from their preparations and their mistakes.

You are encouraged to begin stocking up now rather than later. Food, water, medications, paper goods, anything you use that you might run out of from about Thursday, April 4 to Tuesday, April 9. If you have guests coming, account for their needs too. If you plan on attending any of the scheduled events around town, expect delays and crowds. Carry extra water and snacks with you.

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