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Book of the Month: A Beginner's Guide to Winter Survival - How to Survive Cold Weather

by Dueep J. S, John Davidson

Mankind has been looking for the best ways in which to survive the harsh winter, for millenniums.

That means that he knows that at one particular period of the year, he is going to be subject to ice, snow and cold temperatures. He is also going to face blizzards and storms. As man has not been built by nature to curl up in a warm cave and hibernate throughout the winter like more sensible animals, the onset of winter brings with it the heightened sense of self-preservation.

Learn about:

  • Winter Storms and Warnings

  • Freezing Rain

  • Winter Preparation

  • Winter Clothing

  • What Do You Do in Cases of Frostbite? 

  • Symptoms of Frostbite and Hypothermia

  • Traveling in Harsh Weather

  • Caught in a Blizzard

  • Sheltering from Blizzards in Your House

  • Defrosting Frozen Pipes

  • Winter Survival Kit

  • When to Call 911

  • Winter Fuels

  • Carbon Monoxide

  • Another Heating Tip

  • Long-Lasting healthy foods

  • Granola Pemmican

  • Making Biltong the Traditional Way

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