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Survival Tip – Fall/Winter Plans

By Jim Cobb, The Survival Weekly Dispatch

Yeah, I know it’s just mid-August. But the leaves will be turning before you know it, so this is when you want to start making your plans for the remainder of the year. I like to make checklists and keep them handy so I don’t forget things. They’re also easy to add things to as I remember them, LOL.

Around my house, here are a few of the things we’re going to be doing to get ready for the colder weather. Some of these won’t be done for at least another month, but it is good to get them on the list now, so they aren’t overlooked later.

  • Continue harvesting the garden until everything is done, then pull everything up for compost and put the gardens to bed.

  • Order and take delivery of firewood. I know that’s hardly being self-reliant, but life had other plans for me over the last few months so I need to play catch up.

  • Drain garden hoses and put them in the garage. Cover spigots.

  • Clean lawnmower after running it dry.

  • Clean gutters thoroughly, including downspouts.

  • Wash all windows inside and out.

  • Unpack all blankets and wash them.

  • Pick an appropriate date, given your climate, to change the summer clothes for winter cloths in your go-bags and emergency kits.

  • Winterize your generator and fuel.

  • Find space in the house for all of the plants that have to come inside for the winter. This is a big chore and can take quite a while for us.

  • Plant spring bulbs.

  • Anticipate a winter storm, or two, and plan accordingly.

What are some of the things you’ll be doing over the next month or two in order to get ready for fall and winter?

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